“It was such a relief when I made the decision to get help –it felt as though I had some control over my life back”

Primary care recovery service

 The Primary Care Recovery Service (PCRS) supports those who have a severe and enduring mental health problem, including severe anxiety and depression, psychotic disorders and bipolar disorder and who would benefit from a recovery approach to care.Historically those leaving the support of a secondary care community mental health team have been discharged straight back to their GP. The PCRS aims to bridge this gap for service users and provide some stability during a period of transition towards more independence. The PCRS can provide input for those people who have already been discharged to prevent deterioration in their mental health. By supporting people early, the PCRS aims to prevent service users needing more intensive interventions. The PCRS also provides psychological therapy for those with complex depression and anxietyThe PCRS provides a holistic approach to care; integrating physical, social and mental health support. Interventions are aimed at preventing relapse, maximising role functioning,, reducing risk of self-harm and promoting better adjustment to their daily living as well as changing or reviewing psychiatric medication. A service user’s package of care is considered, in collaboration with the service user and any others involved, ensuring all needs are met throughout their recovery journey. Experienced mental health professionals including psychologists, nurses, recovery support workers, a psychiatrist and wellbeing navigator work together to ensure that people with a long standing mental health condition receive greater support in primary care through their GP.

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