“Developing and maintaining good wellbeing helps us to deal with the opportunities and challenges that come our way”

What is Wellbeing Service for Merton ?

Wellbeing support helps people to connect and access activities and resources to meet their physical, social and emotional needs. Our team are experienced in supporting people with their Wellbeing, either professionally or through lived experience.

We aim to support you to cope in the present and be able to help yourself in the future. This maybe through building on your existing strengths, developing new skills or social relationships.

Ways in which we can help:

The Wellbeing support and advice we offer is designed to support your health and wellbeing in a number of ways:

  • Achieving a life that balances the things you want to do and how you want to achieve them
  • Accessing activities that help to keep you both physically and emotionally well
  • Participating in community activities that you are interested in
  • Learning to relax and cope with the stresses in your life
  • Achieving healthier lifestyles: such as eating or sleeping well
  • Developing your confidence to do the things you wish to do
  • Enhancing social, spiritual or financial health i.e. Managing your budget

What can you expect:

Our aim is always to focus on you and tailor support to your individual needs.

Initially, we will have a conversation with you to help us better understand and work out how to move forwards together. This could include:

  • Accessing a range of wellbeing focused workshops e.g. managing stress, managing sleep, shaping your future, dealing with worries
  • Learning techniques and strategies to improve your wellbeing
  • Information about wellbeing & what may be available to help you
  • Accessing any health support services that might help you
  • Learning techniques to improve your emotional health

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